What’s to LOVE about Leasing?

First off let’s talk about WHAT leasing is…

In simple terms vehicle leasing is renting your car but for a long-term agreement. First you’ll make an initial payment, then pay a fixed monthly fee for the length of your contract.

What are the benefits of leasing?

• It’s an affordable way to get your latest favourite make and model on your driveway (or in your garage or the car park) and add all the extras. A brand-new car with all the gadgets and gizmos without the big outlay.
• Your lease covers the cost of the car depreciation; so you don’t get hit when you return it at the end of the contract.
• The road tax is all included so you don’t need to worry about that every year.
•If you opt for a maintenance package (keep your eyes peeled on that one we have news soon!) then it will help when the time comes to swap in your leased car.
•It’s usually much cheaper than other options; your agreed monthly cost is just that – agreed for the duration of your contract.

What’s the benefits of leasing from Motion Vehicles?

• We’re always at the end of the phone for a car chat whether you’re new to leasing or your lease is coming to an end.
• Our 5 star reviews for leasing customers speak for themselves (head over to Trustpilothttps://uk.trustpilot.com/review/motionvehicles.com)
• Communication is a core value; our team will keep in touch every step of the way.
• Whatever vehicle you’ve got your heart set on we’ll do our best to secure it for you; chip shortage dependant on availability at the moment. If we can’t get it we’ll find alternatives that fit your requirements for you to review.
• Our team are experts in the automotive sector; they understand how things work and know how to get the best deal for our customers.

Leasing is a great way to own a car that works for you aspirational wise and practically without the depreciation and other fuss that can be involved with car ownership. There’s loads to love about leasing.

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