Have you considered when you’d like an electric vehicle on the drive?

According to [Greenflag] the electric revolution is coming faster than the automotive industry imagined it would.

Many of us car buyers have heard of the 2030 government commitment and we’ve all seen the electric charging stations popping up in fuel stations; like the ones on Shell forecourts promising the speediest charge yet. But the Greenflag report has really peaked our interest because the word on the street is that you car owners are looking to move from traditional fuel to electric within the next four years.

Then there’s the reasons for going green with finance being the top reason for switching, both on fuel and maintenance costs closely followed by reducing your environmental impact.

Can we just talk about the evolution of electric vehicles?

Those small SMART cars that were designed for city driving gave us an insight into what the electric future could look like back in 2007. Then, in 2013, came the BNW i series which are very futuristic looking and left us desiring and available in a range of sizes suitable for the singleton through to the big family. Next up came vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, Audi E-Tron and Renault Zoe which were are more mainstream cars for consumers of varying demographics. And then there’s the fabulous Tesla series, electric cars that are stylish and highly stylistic with some great tech that makes it an exciting drive.

There’s so many options available today when it comes to electric.

Lee is a fan of the Tesla 3 because the range and technology speaks for itself. Plus with the range on a full charge over 350 miles, it takes aware the “range anxiety” for the driver

Whereas Marco likes the Ford Puma Hybrid. As this car is competitively priced and with it being a hybrid, it will be good on fuels for shorter journeys.

Have a look at the range of electric vehicles available for leasing from Motion Vehicles Electric & Hybrid Car Leasing | Motion Vehicles and if you’ve got any questions or want the insight of Lee or Marco just get in touch.
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