Easily access EV maintenance service packages for your leased vehicle

Crescent Motors and Motion Vehicles have come together to offer a maintenance service package for leased electric vehicles.

This partnership, of businesses who are experts in their fields, enables companies and personal vehicle leasers the ability to access the very best in electric and hybrid vehicle leasing AND the maintenance of the vehicles on an annual and as needed basis.

Once you have secured your vehicle on a leasing basis it’s important to then be able to access the very best in vehicle maintenance, which is certainly not available at just any garage.
The Motion Vehicles Electric and Hybrid vehicle leasing experts can support you accessing the best cars for your employee’s or personal use requirements. The team always endeavour to fulfil the aspirations you have for your next motor and get you the best package possible. Passing your vehicle care onto another expert made sense. And staying local even more sense.

Crescent Motor Servicing have invested significantly in their technician training for EV and hybrid car servicing and care. Their team can look after vehicles, whatever their fuel type is, offering you the peace of mind that’s essential to car care. As a family-owned business their customer service standards are exceptionally high, and they get to know each customer (and their car!) so that you can be assured every service is completed to the highest of standards. Essential to keep your leased car in the best condition for the duration of your contract.

What this means is that you can now easily select a service maintenance package with a local business when you lease through Motion Vehicles. With Crescent Motor’s expertise in hybrid and electric vehicles (both vans and cars) this selection has now been made super easy.
This takes away the worry of trying to find the best vehicle care once you have leased your car (or van) all you need to do is book in when you need maintenance or service after selecting Crescent Motors when you take out your lease.

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